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Solo Exhibition - BY5 gallery


A two-dimensional metal rectangle.

Split in two. Bend. Split in two. Fold.

What is the minimum point at which a surface becomes "tree"? At what point does the methodical repetitive action become chaos?


This project deals with the morphology of trees, appropriating the growth principles of fractal natural structures such as leaf veins, plant roots and blood vessels, as a starting point for creating organic-industrial objects. In the gallery space, a series of metal structures resembling the growth processes of a tree - a trunk structure that splits again and again, and branches that gradually become thinner, preserving the formal principle of division into two at each split point. It brings together the laws of wild nature with mechanical industry and digital technologies, examining aspects of fixed development patterns and ways of disrupting them.

For hundreds of years, artists have engaged in the act of looking at a tree, and its deconstruction, abstraction and reconstruction, in a dialogue that takes place around the consistency of growth structures in nature. 

The project examines the growth structures of a fractal tree by running a constant algorithm on industrial metal surfaces.  Starting with a rectangle, that is gradually divided into controlled-wild tangled structures. An organic-urban environment that can be placed in interior spaces.

The work takes place within a broad conversation on the relationship between humanity and nature, and is concerned with people who strive to return to nature but do so through unnatural means. In an era of deforestation and the loss of natural resources, Shvo operates by industrial means, using the growth patterns of trees that are disappearing to create a mechanical organism. Objects that can develop in fractal growth and endless folding.

Merav Rahat, Curator.

Photos: Dor Kedmi

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