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Floor piece

The floor-piece is made from a structure of wooden beams carrying plate-like artifacts, made of paper in 3D press-molding. The white bodies seem like industrial paper plates or death masks. The wooden grid splits into junctions and branches, stabilizing the artifacts while simultaneously imprinting itself within them. Despite their similar appearance, each plate has its own unique shape that is fashioned by the encounter between the paper bark and the junctions of the beams.

Shvo, a product designer, wishes to focus the gaze on the aesthetic aspect embodied in industrialized products, whose shape carries the print of product engineering. Her work highlights the structural intelligence of disposable tableware, which are perceived as inferior. The work is part of an ongoing research in forming and molded paper technology, which is common in the industry of creating technical molds and packages. This technology makes use of the ability of paper fabrics to three-dimensionally weave themselves together, without the need of glues or other binding materials.


Anat Gaetanio, Curator of “On The Edge” exhibition,Israeli paper, 2017, MUZA-Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv

Moulded pulp, pine beams.

press moulding

photos by Leonid Pedrol


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