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A series of unsuspecting or boring serving dishes - table traps for behavior change.

The first is a trap that pretends to be a naive dish, which wounds one’s body politely, but allows it to be gently collected with two fingers. In order to eat, we are forced to restrain our behavior or to “trick” ourselves and extract food without harm. On the other hand, a bowl that masquerades as an active trap that deters us until we discover that it is not harmful to us. The third vessel marks the liquid inside it as a venom and warns against its use, even though the vessel itself is an innocent container, and the liquid inside it may be neutral or deadly.

All the tools together were designed in a mix of tactics and deception that serves different purposes, ranging from real danger, degenerate danger and symbols of danger.

A part of the exhibition "Violent Object"

Curated by Shira Keret and Itay Laniado

Vitrina gallery, Holon.

3D printing with polymer material


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