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I have found that the conventional configuration for wearing glasses today, and especially the glasses' handles, bothers me and makes me look for a new detour and formulation for wearing the glasses on my head - without the earpieces.

This series, a product of skipping back into the product evolution tree, consists of a spring structure, which opens and holds the tension on the head, on which replaceable units ride. The units hover over the nasal bridge and cheekbones and do not lean on them. The springy "eye" structure is made of maple laminate, and the modular units are printed in 3D.

The dialogue between the techniques felt natural, even though they were a hundred years apart.

The structure marks a "halo" of personal space and requires new behavior with the head.

It takes time to adjust to its presence on the head and to develop awareness that the rotation of the head forms a circle about 60 cm around the head, taking care not to bump into objects and people.

It is also conjectured that the use of these glasses will replace the two red circles of pressure created on both sides of the nose with one red stripe on the forehead.


The project was a part of “Overview” exhibition, Design Museum, Holon, 2016

Maple wood lamination, 3D printed ABS

photos by Shai Ben Efrayim


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